Some of these have a website and for some, we found a reference on one of the online indexes. Below, you'll see an iimage of the related website. Just click the image to visit the page shown. Below each is the name of the business and their phone number.

If you use one of these companies, PLEASE send us an email afterwards to let us know how it worked out. 
Cary Hecker – Home Hero             561-809-2441
Dan Detommaso Handyman       914-417-5590
The Carpenters Son                 561-452-2191
Boynton Help
Ken Snyder             561-358-1319
Rob Bailey                  954-592-4241
Bobby Alexander Handyman         561-480-8044
John Grullon – Limetree Resident  407-334-7284
Miguel – carpentry,painting,etc   954-296-7893
Patrick Handyman            561-293-9830
Andy Johnson – Limetree Resident  561-891-0081
Juan Baez Handyman & Construction 561-215-4465
3/13/2018 Out of business.
3/10/2018 Unable to contact. Will check again later before removing them.12/13/18 NO
Nelson & Brian Home Repair/Remodelling
561-777-3236 or 561-584-4599
R&R Professional Services Handyman / Repair / Remodel 561-966-7882
Fred Appliance Repair 561-232-9411
Matt Appliance Repair 561-357-8100
James Boyle (resident + 25 yrs exp) 414-491-6438
Bob Wilson                           561-502-0533