This website and its lists are maintained by Bob Hoffman. Bob and a few friends put these lists together with inputs from friends and neighbors in Boynton Beach. We do it because we know how difficult it is to know how to find help when you move into a new community and even after you've lived here for a while. Many of these listed are the types of people that you seldom call and therefore often don't know who to call. So, we're doing it to help our neighbors and maybe to make a few dollars in the process.

We don't charge either the companies or the customers. If we connect a customer to your company, we expect a little reward from you - whatever you think it's worth. 

The companies listed were obtained through recommendations from your neighbors in the Boynton area, so we assume they'll provide you with high quality, reasonably priced services. However, it's up to you the customer to verify that their license and insurance is current, and that they've obtained any required permits. We recommend them based upon neighbor feedback, but offer no guarantees. 

If you use the services of one of those listed, please send us an email to let us know how it went. We like to get good news, but also want to hear the bad news, if there is any.

If you have someone that you'd like to recommend, fill out the form on our Recommendations page. If you own a company that you'd like added to the list, fiill out one of the Recommendation forms and we'll contact you.



PHONE: 256-603-2404 (Don't be fooled by the area code. My phone is from Alabama, but my wife and I moved here several years ago.)
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